Here’s a little history lesson, I learned about social entrepreneurship during an event I had at school, later the topic had been revisited during entrepreneurship class. We had a culminating, and I had already started working on a personal project to help myself learning web development. The project was called the MKhan Reference Library and it was aimed to bring educational resources for free, and it wasn’t really perfect, and one pain of it was that it was all written in PHP.

I had continued effort to have the MKhan Reference Library to stay up, but at some point in the Fall of 2020, I closed the project, and discontinued any effort to the project. However...I still continued to learn how to program, and I started looking into making applications for another project my friends and I were working on, Phaktionz. During that time I wrote a Wiki program in C++ and later I switched to Rust in an effort to learn it better.

In January 2021, I founded a new project to put all my work under, MKProject or in long Make Projects, a platform to create and help projects for any community, and one project I have decided to retry is MKProjects-Books, and this time it will be a lot better than what the MKhan Reference Library wil ever be, and follows the ideals of the former Tomorrow’s Study project.

All Books that have ! are indicated to be in development, meaning sections are getting finished, but parts will be incomplete!

Wondering of the progress or plan of the books? Visit the Book-Plans!